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Gotu Kola

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Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a small creeping plant found over large areas of Africa, Asia and Australia, to name a few. Its traditional use includes both culinary and medicinal use.

For this reason, it is commonly used on the skin to treat wounds, burns and other skin abrasions. Herbalists also prescribe it internally after surgery to promote repair tissue and minimise scar tissue.

Centella asiatica

Parts used medicinally: Aerial parts

The leaves are considered to be a nutritious addition to the diet and are used in salads, side dishes and cooked in a similar way you would cook most leafy greens. In Thailand, centella is referred to as Bai bua bok and is commonly used to make a green health tea/drink.

In traditional herbal medicine, gotu kola is used to help treat minor wounds and damaged skin/tissue, thanks to its connective tissue regeneration properties. It is used extensively as a brain tonic and studies have also shown gotu kola to have good antioxidant activity, which may explain its traditional use as an anti-ageing remedy.