A range of fruity & herbal infusions, blended to create the perfect cup! From refreshing peppermint to soothing camomile, orange blossom & honey… we have a blend for every moment.

  • A moment of pure refreshment...

    We have carefully selected the most aromatic leaves for our Pure Peppermint blend, to deliver a fresh and invigorating experience with every sip. Revive your senses and enjoy a moment of pure refreshment in your day.



  • A moment's peace and quiet...

    We think that a cup of our soothing, Pure Camomile infusion is just what you need to bring about a little calm into your hectic day. So take a break to sip this gentle infusion, enjoy the aroma and slow the pace of your day.



  • A moment of warmth & comfort...

    Lemon & Ginger is packed full of zesty lemon and warming ginger root, perfect to help revitalise your senses while also delivering a moment of warmth & comfort. Wonderful to sip in all seasons, take a moment to enjoy the taste and aroma of this wonderful infusion.


    Ginger Root (39%), Lemon Flavouring (18%), Lemongrass (10%), Lemon Peel (10%), Linden, Blackberry Leaves, Ginger Flavouring (3.5%), Acid (Citric Acid).

  • A berry impressive treat...

    When your afternoon calls for a sweet treat, our Raspberry, Strawberry and Loganberry has you covered. This triple berry blend is rich and luscious, perfect served chilled over ice or hot. Its easy to be swept away by this berry sensation!


    Hibiscus, Strawberry Flavouring (11%), Orange Peel, Blackberry Leaves, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Raspberry Flavouring (4%), Liquorice Root, Loganberry Flavouring (1%).

  • A match made in flavour heaven...

    Cranberry & Pomegranate fuses sweet and tangy notes to create a vibrant and delicious fruity infusion. Close your eyes, imagine yourself on a beautiful island and savour this flavoursome pairing – it's mouth-wateringly good!


    Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Cranberry Flavouring (11%), Pomegranate Flavouring (10%), Rosehip, Liquorice Root.

  • Delightfully unexpected flavour sensation…

    Blending the sweet flavour of ripe apples, with the warmth of ginger root, this Ginger & Apple herbal infusion is sure to excite and surprise. The subtle aroma and balanced flavour will tempt you at any time of day.


    White Hibiscus, Rosehip , Ginger (10%), Apple Pieces (8%), Apple Flavour (5%), Red Hibiscus, Lemon Peel, Chicory, Pear Flavour.

  • Lemon flavour infusion including lemongrass, lemon peel and flavourings.

    Twinings Infusions are a light and refreshing alternative to other drinks, ideal at any time of the day.


    Lemon Peel (21%), Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Lemon Flavouring (13%), Lemongrass (9%), Rosehips, Roasted Chicory Root, Citric Acid, Flavouring

  • Autumn's a time when the world unwinds, ready for winter.

    When orchards are bursting with crisp apples and the ground is strewn with golden leaves. You can kick back too with this soothing blend of floral, honey-like camomile, sweet apples and aromatic cinnamon. Traditionally, camomile has been used to help you relax, so sink into a deep armchair and let your worries drift away.


    Camomile, Natural Apple Flavouring with other Natural Flavourings (17%), Cinnamon (11%)

  • Sit back and enjoy...

    With a cup of Camomile & Spearmint in your hands, we encourage you to put your feet up and simply savour this blissful moment! Ideal for when you feel like relaxing – let this delightful blend calm and soothe your soul, helping to whisk you away after a long day.


    Camomile (35%), Spearmint Leaves (35%), Blackberry Leaves, Lemongrass, Linden.

  • Feel awake and uplifted with a perfect combination of raspberry, mint, hibiscus and green tea. Find your focus throughout the day with this smooth and refreshing blend.


    Green Tea (37%), Verbena (22%), Peppermint (18%), Hibiscus (9%) Mint Flavouring (5%), Raspberry and Blackberry Flavouring (5%), Guarana (4%)

  • Discover the feeling of calm and relaxation with a delicate combination of citrus notes that are gently balanced with camomile. Sit back and relax while enjoying this soothing blend any time of day. Available in NZ only.


    Lime Blossoms (60.5%), Orange Leaves (11%), Orange Flowers (10%), Camomile (10%), Orange Blossom Flavouring (4.5%), Vanilla Flavouring (4%).

  • A calming blend of soothing camomile, floral orange blossom, and a hint of sweet honey flavour. It's the perfect blend to ease you into your evening slumber.


    Linden, Orange Leaves, Camomile (10%), Orange Flowers (10%), Cinnamon Bark (4.5%), Orange Blossom Flavouring (2%), Honey Flavouring (2%), Honey Pieces (1%).

  • A blend that gently fuses the sweetness of fennel with the delicate citrus of lemongrass and lemon verbena. Discover how this refreshing blend can restore your day.


    Sweet Fennel (20%), Lemongrass (10%), Lemon Peel, Burdock Root, Spearmint, Ginger Root, Rooibos, Lemon Flavouring, Lemongrass Flavouring (1.5%), Verbena (1%), Basil Flavouring.

  • With a soothing and sweet combination of minty peppermint, sweet liquorice root, and a touch of citrus from lemon balm, settle down with this soothing blend after any meal.


    Peppermint (46%), Aniseed, Liquorice Root (18%), Mint Flavourings (8%), Lemon Balm (4.5%), Lemon Verbena.