Live Well

We believe that living well should taste as good as it makes you feel. That’s why we carefully select the finest ingredients to create a range of drinks that help make daily wellbeing deliciously enjoyable.

  • The perfect complement after any meal, this deliciously smooth and warming blend combines earthy turmeric with the flavours of juicy orange and spicy star anise.


    Turmeric (45%), Lemongrass, Star Anise (10%), Liquorice Root, Orange Peel (5%), Orange Flavouring (5%)

  • Echinacea best known herbal remedy to fight common colds​ with Lemon and ginger traditionally used to support wellbeing


    Green Tea (26%), White Hibiscus, Ginger Root (15%), Echinacea Root (10%), Cinnamon Bark, Lemon Flavouring (10%), Lemon Peel (5%), Mango Flavouring, Lime Flavouring (4%)

  • Brighten your day with a perfect combination of peppermint, green tea and guarana. Take a moment and find your focus throughout the day with this smooth and refreshing blend.


    Green Tea (37%), Verbena, Peppermint (18%), Hibiscus, Mint Flavouring (5%), Raspberry and Blackberry Flavouring, Guarana (4%) Contains caffeine

  • Expertly blended green tea and botanicals, combined with the delicious flavours of cucumber, strawberry and aloe vera with added biotin to support the maintenance of hair and skin.


    Green Tea (39%), Apple Pieces, Nettle, Strawberry Flavouring (8%), Peppermint, Cucumber Flavouring (5%), Natural Flavouring, Aloe Vera Juice Granules

  • A calming blend of soothing camomile, floral orange blossom, and a hint of sweet honey flavour. It's smooth and warming, making it the perfect part of your bedtime routine. Sleep Well is a delicious ritual to wind down your day.


    Linden, Orange Leaves, Camomile (10%), Orange Flowers (10%), Cinnamon Bark, Orange Blossom Flavouring (2%), Honey Flavouring (2%), Honey Pieces (1%)